Vino, Vino Ohio

Ohio grape production is fast becoming a lucrative industry in Ohio, adding to the state’s robust agriculture roots.

As a result, wineries throughout the state have blossomed in recent years to supplement the emerging ag sector.

Approximately 65 percent of Ohio’s wineries have been established in the past 10 years. The number of Ohio wineries increased from 75 in 1999 to 124 wineries in 2008, according to the Ohio Grape Industries Committee (OGIC).

OGIC “creates viable, income-producing grape enterprises in the state of Ohio by providing marketing and promotion efforts to generate and expand new markets for grapes and grape products and research to improve the quality of grapes and profitability of grape growing as an agri-business.”

While not claiming to be at the same rank as Napa Valley, Ohio is home to national and international award-winning wines.

Ohio Grape Industry Facts (2008 study)
  • The impact of wine and grapes on the Ohio economy is $582.8 million
  • There are 124 wineries in Ohio
  • There are 1,900 grape-bearing acres in Ohio
  • 1,134,000 gallons of wine were produced
  • Provided 4,108 full-time jobs
  • The retail value of Ohio wine was $51.9 million
  • Wine-related tourism expenditures was $73.4 million
Of course, OGIC is leveraging the Internet to raise awareness about Ohio’s grape and wine industries.

The association features “Ohio Wine TV” at its website – a free service that offers monthly subscribers access to expert-led tours of several of the state’s more than 150 wineries. Each month, subscribers receive an e-mail directing him or her to the newest program highlighting a different winery or wine region. The subscriber also receives a recommended shopping list and educational materials about the winery and/or region and Ohio’s grape and wine industry.

The Ohio Grape Web, a website managed by The Ohio State University Extension is another industry resource. The Extension is a service of OSU that interprets knowledge and research developed by university and other OSU-affiliated faculty and staff to share with the public. Ohio Grape Web assists producers interested in cultivating grapes and becoming involved in the wine business. It also produces the Ohio Grape-Wine Electronic Newsletter.

OGIC’s tagline is, “Ohio Wines – Love at first sip.” Have you tried an Ohio wine? Were you aware of the extent of the state’s grape industry?

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